Would You Sex Up A Robot?


Honestly, I have better English, but for the life of me; I could not figure out a better way to ask.

Would you F*ck a robot?

Before continuing, I will post a disclaimer. This is a post about sex. But we’re all adults on the internet. Probably.

The film Ex-Machina and the  last episode of Black Mirror Season 1 features a similar story SPOILERS, where a person compiles a personality from a facebook-like social media site and creates a robotic being that is capable of complex thoughts of love, betrayal and all kinds of drama-y stuff.

While I love both the film and Black Mirror, they feel very Ray Bradbury, in that they seem like a far-fetched and irrational fear…. until you realize that it’s getting closer to reality.

Netflix N Chill?
Netflix N Chill?

While we are not at the point of sexy commercially available Artificial Intelligence, we are at the dawn of the realistic sex-robot.

Right about now is when you should turn on any spyware/anti-virus software. I can’t say any of the mentioned sites are reeeeally safe. But carry on if you must.

Let me introduce you to Mysexyfantasies.com . A site where anything you could imagine is fit to your orifices. On the front page you may immediately notice the torsos for sale.

Yes. I said it.


There are HSN-like sites dedicated to sell life-like sex torsos. The torsos can be sized to whatever “height” is appropriate as well as having the option for swap-able toy genitalia.

But that’s not the end of it.



Full-sized silicone sex dolls are the hip, new versions of blowup dolls.

Realdoll.com is one of the bigger companies that sell silicone people. On a typical site, you can expect to outfit a doll with different heads, eyes, hair, skin, or even an option to buy a mechanically gyrating torso. There are also “pre-made options” that are cataloged like dating profiles or “likenesses” of real porn-stars. There are male versions as well, with customize-able “endowments”. They come fully customize able with many unnecessary accessories like storing food and alcohol within pouches in the breasts. A silicone doll can run from $200 to $20,000.

These dolls are spreading all across the internet. My Google search saw too much…

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.27.56 AM
A typical search nonetheless for me on a Friday 🙁

Humans is another really interesting show that PROMINENTLY features humans having relationships with sex-robots and how that dynamic complicates the nuclear family of tomorrow.

What’s the point? You may be asking.


Meet the Actroids.



Actroids(also called Geminoids) are human-like animatronics robots created by the Sanrio company (The Hello Kitty People) with the likenesses and programmed mannerisms of people. It laughs, blinks, sighs, and can even sing. It uses facial tracking features to respond and react to human stimulus as well as talk back when needed. Since their first release in 2003, Japan has found many applications for the Actroids in the field of medicine, physical therapy, and pediatrics.

The actroids are very limited in what they can do, programming functions onto a computer.

The Silicone dolls, torsos, and even the actroids are lacking in one field. Feedback. Sex is a two-way street. Commands can’t just be given (unless you’re into BDSM).

Of course we live in a world where we can have our cake and eat it too. Virtual Reality pornography is already provided by the more entrepreneurial porn companies. Their mission statement is to bring the best erotic video game experience. A quick google search can show two or three more sites.

My opinion is that above all else, it’s an elaborate form of masturbation. Until the sexbots can gain sentience, then it’s nothing but a custom tailored fantasy.

Here some awesome vids to browse:


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