What Can We Expect From the Water on Mars?


Now that NASA has let the cat out of the bag and shown us awesome False Color Images of Salt-Ice peaks on MARS; we can now take in the majestic splendor of Mt. Probable Life.

MARS AKA Soon To Be Ski Resort & Spa
MARS AKA Soon To Be Ski Resort & Spa

As of today we know that:

  1. Liquid water exists and is responsible for the dark streaking across the surface of Martian mountain peaks.

  2. The liquid water on Mars is infused with enough salt that it refuses to freeze on its average of – 70°F.

  3. We’ve known about the Pechlorates for years, but their confirmed presence makes the Martian atmosphere almost uninhabitable. Microbes can still thrive.

  4. The Martian atmosphere is likely A LOT more humid than previously thought.


  6.  We don’t know where the water is actually coming from.

Here is a video breakdown of Everything NASA knows now. It’s an hour long :(

Perchlorates are common to our deserts and do not hinder the progression of life. MICROBES actually devour super-oxidized chlorine and are used to clean up our drinking water. The microbes would have to be HALOPHILLIC (REALLY LIKE SALTY ENVIRONMENTS TO THRIVE); and luckily we have such creatures roaming around ocean trenches, the Dead Sea, The Great Salt Lake, and evaporation ponds.

This is especially important given the fact that life as we know it descended from microbes; making MARS the ideal place to view evolution of species, plants, bacteria, or NEW forms of life.

Confirmation of water also has a major impact on the future colonization missions to MARS. As previously discussed in another article; if there is moisture in the Martian atmosphere, then it can be mined. We have water harvesting technologies already in place to milk the driest of deserts on our earthball. Together with current NASA efforts to grow produce in space; we could be well on our way to create sustainable living for future MARS astronauts.

Atmosphere Mining Machine or Decepticon?
Atmosphere Mining Machine or Decepticon?



I’m taking this as a kind of personal victory so here’s some music to celebrate:

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