Drawing In Virtual Reality


“An Artist’s Spirit is That Freedom And Fearlessness of Being A Child.”

The pencil has been one of the oldest mediums in the world, but it’s about to get a complete overhaul. Introducing the drafting/creation of two dimensions to three is not a new endeavor; digital pen tablets, 3-D printer pens, Apple’s new smartpen, and of course many Computer-Aided Design applications.


Me: Totally not drawing boobs

TiltBrush is a recent purchase by Google; and does a damn fine job of drawing in real space (in a sense) and uses the HTC Vive Reality system to record hand-motions from the electronic brush in real-time. It’s still in the experimental phase, but shows promise as a way to sketch objects in scale in 3D space as opposed to on paper. Interestingly, you can walk through your drawings and experience them in a way akin to Holograms.

In the near-future, TiltBrush could very well be the new way VR game designers and VR film-makers edit and create virtual content. Perhaps creating media in a 3-D space can be a way to push more people to invest in VR systems like Fiber, Vive, Occulus, and Morpheus.


Glen Keane Being A Badass
Glen Keane Being A Badass. Drawing Mermaids.


TiltBrush isn’t the only game in town, GravitySketch, let’s you draw in three dimensions within a virtual plane displayed on a VR headset and connected to a tablet. It’s also not yet widely available, but you can sign up to be one of the first to test the tech (assuming you have a compatible VR headset and system).

The same company is also developing Lego X, a tablet-based 3D-modeling software that “senses” the placement of Legos and constructs a finer blueprint to export and produce.


Innovations like these excite me not only as a producer of content, but also as a person who considers themselves a creative. The best tools do not function like tools. They function like extensions of the body.

Anyway, please watch Glen Keane draw some Disney peeps and geek out with me:


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