Blade 4: Deathcopter

Drones are first, a military technology with roots in warfare since World War II.

More commonly, referred to as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles); UAVs have a set hierarchy of functions in military practice.

  • Target and decoy – providing ground and aerial fusillade for targets that simulate an enemy aircraft or missile.
  • Reconnaissance – providing battlefield intelligence.
  • Combat – providing attack capability for high-risk missions.
  • Logistics – UAVs specifically designed for cargo and logistics operation.
  • Research and development – used to further develop UAV technologies to be integrated into field deployed UAV aircraft.

BUT in the right hands; They may as well be called heroes.

Drones are more than just the perfect way to ruin a perfectly good wedding.

Like all military weapons/inventions; people have found amazing uses for drones outside of combat.

For instance,

Mexican government is cracking down on poachers. They won’t be armed, but will be vital to monitoring the turtles during mating season as well as offer support to local Oaxacan police.

Private groups in Africa are also following suits by deploying drones with infrared capabilities at night; cutting off not only poacher from their supply of ivory, but also in effect. Stopping WAR.

Not only do the drones scare away elephants from certain danger, but they also cutoff the money supply chains of terrorist militias in Africa.

Uganda is testing drones for viability in blood transports; blood is apparently sensitive to many stimuli can can coagulate at a moments  notice. Luckily, all the tests were successful and no vampire went hungry.

Blade 4: Deathcopter


Chinese drones, may have the worst rap. They’re tattle tales.

Some of the Chinese districts employ drones to prevent cheating and monitor students during college entrance exams. Cheating is a common issue come exam time, but then again this exists:

This is a tank top that sends electronic signals....
This is a tank top that sends electronic signals….


This 15-year-old likes to build Search and rescue drones.

People are using drones to save lives.

Both videos show that people are starting to critically test the usefulness of a drone in emergency or natural disasters.

But you can be the judge….



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