UFOs at the LHC Causing Disturbances


So, as I’m sipping my morning coffee, I stumble across an article from New Scientist about High-energy LHC plans thwarted by UFOs and electron clouds. 

I just about spit my coffee all over my keyboard.  Did CERN just discover a Stargate?  Are we going to finally be invaded by aliens?…not that it was anything I ever daydreamed about…

As soon as you get past the “clickbait” aspect of the title, what we learn is that no, UFOs haven’t invaded.  I’m sure we would have heard about it by now.  And I don’t think we’d last that long.  No, what we learn is that the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN is trying to push the limits of what has to be the biggest physics project in the world.  They’re trying to apply “maximum chicken!” to that massive and glorious machine to gather deeper levels of physics data. 

So where does the UFO fit in?  Basically, as they try to push into “Maximum Overdrive” (classic Stephen King movie reference), interference, in the form of microscopic dust particles and electrons created by ionized gas, is getting in the way of reaching the next level.   It’s like riding a Hayabusa motorcycle through a hailstorm.  The science superheroes running this thing call the interference “UFOs” (unidentified falling objects). 

Delays and UFO conspiracies aside, the experiment will happen and we will discover even more amazing things about the world we live in.  And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll actually create a stargate.

Make sure to check out New Scientist.  The original article here

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