Monsters in America: Cryptozoic Creatures Around The U.S.


Hog Island Press, a t-shirt manufacturer has created a map compiled of cryptozoic creatures from the contiguous United States.  If you’re an X-Files fan, you’re familiar with the main creatures such as Bigfoot, Chupacabra and the Jersey Devil.  But, did you know there are 29 other cryptozoic creatures throughout the U.S.?  It’s amazing to think these creatures have existed for at least hundreds of years here in America and yet few of us are aware of them.

Loren Coleman, who is a cryptozoologist and author on the topic, states:

The cryptid-filled, cartographically accurate Monsters in America: A Cryptozoological Map of the United States should be on the walls of every museum, library, and researcher’s office interested in the science of as-yet-to-be-discovered animals. Hog Island Press has produced an informative, affordable, high quality collectible, which also serves as an educational tool useful for your next road trip, a future research trek, or everyday bibliographic study. There is not a fake on the map. I love the heavy paper stock. Discover and obtain yours today!

Check out the cryptozoic creature map and associated list of monsters below.  You might be able to find a monster in your neck of the woods and be able to report another sighting of your local monster!


1 – Alkali Lake Monster – Alkali Lake, Nebraska – MORE INFORMATION

2 – Altamaha-Ha River Monster – Altamaha River, Georgia – MORE INFORMATION

3 – Bear Lake Monster – Bear Lake Utah/Idaho – MORE INFORMATION

4 –  Beast of Busco Giant Snapping Turtle – Churubusco, Indiana – MORE INFORMATION

5 – Bessie Lake Monster – Lake Erie, Ohio/Pennsylvania – MORE INFORMATION

6 –  Bigfoot (A.K.A. Sasquatch) – California, Oregon, Washington – MORE INFORMATION

7 – Big Bird – Rio Grande Valley, Texas – MORE INFORMATION

8 – Caddy The Sea Monster – Coastal Oregon and Washington – MORE INFORMATION

9 – Cassie The Sea Monster – Casco Bay, Maine – MORE INFORMATION

10 – Chessie The Sea Monster – Chesapeake Bay, Maryland – MORE INFORMATION

11 – Champ Lake Monster – Lake Champlain, New York/Vermont – MORE INFORMATION

12 – Chupacabra Carnivorous Beast- Arizona  MORE INFORMATION

13 – Flathead Lake Monster – Flathead Lake, Nebraska – MORE INFORMATION

14 – Honey Island Swamp Monster – Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana – MORE INFORMATION

15 – Fouke Monster – Fouke, Arkansas  MORE INFORMATION

16 – The Jersey Devil – Pine Barrens, New Jersey  MORE INFORMATION

17 – Kipsey River Monster – Hudson River, New York – MORE INFORMATION

18 – Knobby Monster – Cleveland County, North Carolina  MORE INFORMATION

19 – Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp – Scape Ore Swamp, South Carolina – MORE INFORMATION

20 – Loveland Frogman – Loveland, Ohio – MORE INFORMATION

21 – Mogollon Monster – Mogollon Rim, Arizona  MORE INFORMATION

22 – Mothman Monster- Point Pleasant, West Virginia  MORE INFORMATION

23 – Momo Monster – Louisiana, Missouri – MORE INFORMATION

24 – Ozark Howler – Ozark Mountains Arkansas/Missouri – MORE INFORMATION

25 – Paddler Monster – Lake Fend Oreville, Idaho – MORE INFORMATION

26 – Pukwudgie Monster – Freetown Fall River, Massachusetts – MORE INFORMATION

27 – Pope Lick Monster – Louisville, Kentucky – MORE INFORMATION

28 – Shunka Warakin – Sun Ranch, Montana – MORE INFORMATION

29 – Skunk Ape – southern Florida – MORE INFORMATION

30 – Tessie Lake Monster – Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California – MORE INFORMATION

31 – Thunderbirds Monsters – Illinois/Pennsylvania  MORE INFORMATION

32 – Wampus Cat Monster – Eastern Tennessee – MORE INFORMATION


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