The Strongest Cases for Alien Encounters


“Are we alone in the universe? Impossible. When you consider the wonders that exist all around us… voodoo priests of Haiti, the Tibetan numerologists of Appalachia, the unsolved mysteries of Unsolved Mysteries… The truth is out there.” – Agent Fox Mulder on The Simpsons Season 8 EP 10.

This little excerpt is from and Episode of the Simpsons that touches my heart. It’s about the fascination with the unexplained; its human nature to want to explore the unknown.

When I think about Alien Encounters, my mind drifts into specific examples that I have encountered on the Inter-Webs.



The Battle of Los Angeles (1942)

From the night of Feb 24th to the Early Morning of Feb 25th, Army military anti-aircraft artillery was fired into the sky as Air-Raid sirens blasted throughout Los Angeles. The news traveled to the president of the US, already on edge due to the rising tide of conflict in World War II. A blackout was ordered until an “all-clear” order as received around 7am. The ensuing bombardment destroyed many businesses and homes and managed to kill five civilians. 2,000,000 people lived in Los Angeles and so many media outlets were able to write about the event right after; however, they were more inclined to believe it was a sneak attack from opposing nations such as Mexico or Germany.



Dyatlov Pass (1959)

Nine students from the Ural Polytechnic Institute were found dead of Hypothermia in the Dyatlov Pass on February 26th by a search and rescue party. The remains concluded that the hikers ripped off their clothing and died escaping their tents. The footprints do no suggest other parties nor a struggle; however, a few of the bodies were discovered to have various physical injuries as well as missing body parts. Thibeaux-Brignolles had his skull cracked and Alexandrovna Dubinina was missing her tongue, lips, facial tissue, and eyes. The cracked chests of Alekseevich Zolotario and Dubinina suggest that the force as greater than that possible by humans. Even more alarming, the investigation discovered elevated levels of radiation on the remains and tent. The official investigation files release in 1990 included the submission of a “supernatural force” for cause of death.



Varghina, Brazil (1996)

The Varghina Incident is one of the most media and witness reported events in alien encounter history. The Brazilian military force was on full alert on January 20th after the first sighting report was released. Several UFOs appeared in the skies, and one had happened to crash-land in the local village. The military gathered the remnants of the UFO, but not before six reported aliens escaped and managed to make contact with the locals. 5 ft tall, thin brown creatures appeared to various residents, seemingly running away from the military. The people who met the aliens described seeing “devils” with red eyes whom smelled of ammonia. One of the aliens was reportedly found dead on the road , recovered by the military, after two days. The aliens in question bear a striking resemblance to the Chupacabra cyptid of South America.



Zimbabwe School Encounter (1994)

On September 14th, a UFO was reported to have flown across South Africa. Two days later, 62 children at a school (ages 5-12) witnessed four small black-bodied, large-headed creatures emerge from space ship in the middle of the day. One of the aliens was reported to run towards the trees, one stood from above the spacecraft, and two descended from a steel ramp towards the children on recess.  The children all describe the aliens as malicious; intriguingly, describing almost psychic-level communication with the aliens transferring thoughts of evil, danger, and prophecy.



While we at Alien Element do write about science and science fiction, we feel especially inclined to speculative science as well. The argument for or against the existence of alien beings could be a factor of time, distance, or even dimensions.

There is no solid answer, but occasionally something like this pops up and you have to wonder if someone is hiding the existence of Aliens to the public.

The message is clear. Diversity is something to cherish. People from all walks of life deserve the same rights to happiness.

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