The Flying Car Dream: This Time It’s For Real


How many times in the past have we been promised and teased about the possibility of owning a flying car?  Everyone is familiar with the Jetsons’ flying car, and it seems Popular Science has a flying car model on the cover every 5 years or so.  The problem with the flying car hybrid has usually been they were either too much plane, or too much car.

A Woburn, Massachusetts manufacturer Terrafugia hopes to change that with their new version of the flying car–the model TF-X.  Watch the video below to see why this flying car may be different from ones you might have seen in the past.

See the full video below:

Some of the significant improvements from flying cards of the past include: electric powered hybrid engine, fold out props instead of wings,  complete auto pilot and vertical landing/takeoff.  Terrafugia describes the “TF-X™ is Terrafugia’s vision for the future of personal transportation. A four-seat, plug-in hybrid electric flying car with fly-by-wire vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities, TF-X™ is designed to bring personal aviation to the world. The design will make use of the high power density and reliability of modern electric motors in combination with parallel power and control system architectures to achieve a higher level of safety than modern automobiles. TF-X™ will provide true door-to-door transportation combined with the freedom of vertical takeoff and landing — creating a new dimension of personal mobility”



Just imagine having one of these vehicles in your garage.  Where would you go?  All you would need to do is live somewhere close to an empty parking lot that you can drive to and punch in the coordinates of your intended destination.  The flying car would do the rest.  Of course there will be limitations such as flight range, landing protocols, flight path avoiding things like open water and airports, and many other issues.  However, this version of the flying car seems to open up possibilities and imagination like no other flying car before it.

tf-x_driviingWe look forward to seeing what Terrafugia will bring with the TF-X and future flying car models.  You can check out their website at the link below to find out more about this innovative company.



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