10 Possible Forms of Extraterrestrial Life

Possibly A Leftover Storyline from Heroes Season 6

The search for intelligent life.

It’s a doosy.

As far as the public is aware, there is no concrete evidence of life on other planets. The New Horizons satellite reached Pluto and reported back some of the most amazing photos ever. But no UFOs, no laser guns, no greys, no giants, and definitely no Plutonian bigfoot. But then again, I’m easily impressed.


Me: Neat!
Me: Neat!

Now, the closest we can get to Pluto or any other planet is purely a fly-by nature until we are able to touch down on them. Hopefully soon.

It’s not all bad news; we know it’s possible for microbes to thrive in the coldest and deepest spots of the Antarctic. These little dudes are pretty resilient and we know they can live in space because we sent them to the ISS to live for 2 Years. I believe these little buggers are solid proof that humans were not just a single happy accident and that we’ll eventually encounter our space -bros…..

I want to believe.


So here is a list of all of the possibilities of Alien life that may exist in the Galaxy.

Woo! Lists!



I’m just going to nip this one in the bud. Grey Aliens are the most common type of Alien associated with Human abduction stories and the heart of the Roswell New Mexico Incident of 1947. Greys are possibly a genetic-cousin to humans, and associated with a bit more malice than I’d want (Bad Touch!) considering that they are reported in 50% of all Alien Abduction cases in the United States.



Humaniods (AKA Green Men)

Little green men are on the other side of the spectrum of pop culture. These guys are associated with UFO sightings and could be the possible explanation for many mythological references to imps, goblins, and Forrest creatures. There are scientists who believe that aliens would look closer to humans given the conditions of evolution on similar planets. After all, we perceive color from reflected light, it’s possible to have skin that reacts differently such as the chlorophyll in plants.



Interdimensional Beings

The theory is that these beings can travel between dimensions and exist between them. We cannot perceive them, but they can perceive us. Freaky right? Not really. The idea of interdimensional travel is sound, we can create what we perceive as “two-dimensional beings” as doodles on a white paper (but is actually closer to 3/4th dimension due to the mass of lead and the existence of time). There are an infinite number of “dimensions” and we cannot really fathom what makes a dimension (existential-as-hell).  Anyway, these beings are often perceived as psychic and often bring bad omens or helpful premonitions (like Uatu). One of the more popular examples of this creature is the Mothman of West Virginia.


Large Fish/Amphibians

Water throughout the galaxy is not impossible to find. Most of it is floating around aimlessly as frozen ice on comets or on large planets away from stars. Liquid water, however, is in random places such as Black Holes. In the off chance of an awesome planet full of nice habitable water, we can get fish/amphibian peoples. Examples of this can be seen in mythology such as the Kappa, Dagon, and other mer-people.



Avians (Bird-People)

Just as our world has birds, other planets could also have bird-like creatures that are able to traverse the clouds. It’s also possible for birds to evolve to have intelligence comparable to humans. Bi-Pedal birds are prominently featured in Christian and Egyptian Mythology as angels and intermediaries to the heavens.



Silicon Life

Like the aliens in question, there s no proof that life could generate from a silicon base, but we do know that there are special microbes, that thrive in silicon rich magma and lava. In fact one of the key building blocks of many creatures and plants is breaking down and re-purposing silicon. If we are to believe that we are a product of theses same microbes through evolution, then it is plausible that a divergent evolutionary path can create silicon rock monsters that would devour our precious homes.




Biota (Plants/Fungi)

Bacterium and Plants are covering our spaceball. It’s not hard to believe that spores could not generate from pre-historic ooze or even space-bees (probably a real thing right?).




Reptilians have been a topic of interest of conspiracy theorists for awhile. For reptilians to thrive on other planets, the ecosystem would have to be similar to the one right at the time of our Dinosaurs. A thick gassy atmosphere, thin to moderate levels of air (which can scale the size of a creature), and constant heat from the sun due to the heavy layer of greenhouse gases. Interestingly, these conditions would eventually turn south like on earth and likewise produce mammal-like creatures, pending their growth is not expedited.




Human beings are on the cusp of the Singularity. Who is to say that an alien race has not already perfected alien-robotic integration or even replacement. Our much feared “robot uprising” could have already taken place on a multitude of planets. Nanotechnology applied to robots is based on human cellular activity, but what if it was the opposite and metallic entities spawned flesh and blood?


Fossil Skull of Australopithecus africanus



If our species meets an end, then we might be on the other end of this list. It’s entirely possible that at the time I’m typing this that entire civilizations have been wiped off the map. We could be the only surviving race.

But probably not.


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