Why I Love Heroes


Save the Cheerleader, Save the world…..

These were the words that gripped sci-fi geeks and comic book fans almost immediately.

Tim Kring set out to create an epic saga where super-humans would begin to arise in the present day, in the real world, with real repercussions.

4 seasons later… It was cancelled. Writer’s strike, ridiculous story lines, loss of stakes; it can unanimously known as a show that jumped the shark.

Seems To Be TV Tradition....
Seems To Be TV Tradition….

But I persevered.

Not out of sheer fandom; I swore more at my television because of this show than I do while playing CoD Online.

I loved everything that Heroes represented. A world where people were evolving, changing, and becoming GODS.

For example, in the later seasons of Heroes, it is suggested that the potential for becoming a super human is within every human being considering the amount of “junk” DNA present within the human body. Junk DNA is a large part of every living creature and is a result of Mutation over several years. The junk DNA does not “do nothing”… it used to or…. is yet to be reactivated and could very well trigger some hidden human ability to have not feel pain. Or wait. That’s also a thing.

The “junk” DNA is just beyond our own comprehension and can even be the key to linking humans back to a common ancestor or even alien DNA.

Possibly A Leftover Storyline from Heroes Season 6
Possibly A Leftover Storyline from Heroes Season 6


No, really. The Atacama fossil is a strange skeleton found to share similar DNA to humans; but you can also watch an awesome documentary about it here.

Back to Heroes. Ahem. Some of the super humans were not directly blessed with the standard X-Men powers of strength, telepathy, and laserbeam eyes. Some of them are Micah.


I Miss My Old CRT....
I Miss My Old CRT….


In the show, Micah Sanders is shown to have the unique ability to talk to and fix any form of electronic device simply by touching it. While it may not seem as exciting as hunting pigs with catapult-suicide-birds; humans are getting closer to this as our technology grows. Micah Sanders is essentially the poster-boy for the trans-humanism movement. Without having a microchip implant, Micah is the prototype of the cyborg human that seems to be more prevalent thanks to the fine people who craft military weaponry.

For example, I wrote an article on Jan Scheuermann, a quadriplegic woman who is able to fly a simulation of a Jet fighter with her mind. Although her ability is linked to the hardware attached and installed in her brain, we will soon be able to activate and use electronics and prosthesis with greater ease thanks to innovative scientists who can replicate Magnetoception. The modified electric perception could be the key to the next phase of human wireless interaction with electronics.

Miracles. Tiny Miracles
Miracles. Tiny Miracles


To be honest tho….



Swordsman?  Nah, Just A Normal Day On Public Transport.
Nah, Just A Normal Day On Public Transport.


This time traveling bandito is the main reason I stuck around for sooo long. He’s just a normal guy who wants to do the right thing. ALSO TIME TRAVEL POWERS. The new season of Heroes looks amazing and it seems like the New Star Wars isn’t the only thing out of comic-con that inspired hope.

Rest assured that I’m not a NBC rep. I’m just a fanboy. A very excited fanboy.

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