Kickass Origami Robot


Howdy Y’all!

Remember in High School/Grammar School/Juvenile Detention when people made those foldable fortune tellers called “Cootie Catchers”.


Never Did Get That Proposal......
Never Did Get That Proposal……

Well this is like one of those if it could build itself and swim.


Transform and Rollout!
Transform and Rollout!

Origami is an art form that is about 90% Boredom And 10% Anger (Stupid Paper Cranes).  But this teeny little bot called Untethered Miniature Origami Robot created by awesome people at MIT can fold his own damned self and can execute amazing programmed commands such as swimming, climbing, lifting, pushing, and SEPPUKU.

Yup. It’s a suicide bot. Complete with an awesome ability to dissolve into nothingness in acetone. MIT reports that it will also be able to make it dissolve in water in the near future.

The Untethered Miniature Origami Robot weighs just 1/3 of a gram and is made from small layers of PVC and magnets. It folds itself in about a minute and is ready for action. The mini bot is driven by a small Neodymium magnet and four tiny coils in the folds that allow it to run on magnetic fields.

The magnetic fields allow the bot to shift and shimmy it’s way up a human, or down a stream. It’s quite awesome, or as Steve might say, another way the Robots will eventually kill us all.

I would talk more but watch the Video: IT’S AWESOME!

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