The Age of Kickstarter Science


Science is the basis of how people come together and explain why we should not fear the orange glow ball of death in the sky.

We have come a long way in the age of open and free information. Science is no longer for the University student or the mad scientist; but the mad scientist in all of us. Crowdfunding has become the basis for a new age of entrepreneurship and engineering of the common people in their garage.


Bill Nye has reached out to the open platform of Kickstarter to raise funds for the Lightsail; a compact satellite capable of being propelled vast distances by the power of photon energy. It’s not a new idea, as the below video shows Carl Sagan with a similar model back on Johnny Carson.  Amazingly, the response has been overwhelmingly positive as it’s raised almost 3x the original goal ( at the time I’m writing this).


Kickstarter is just one platform where we are seeing community support for awesome personal projects. is a site that’s dedicated entirely to scientists funding their own private research into technology and medicines to benefit mankind. It differs from Kickstarter in that it’s spearheaded by Scientist in various fields who wish to pursue independent research as long as it’s useful to the greater human condition. That’s pretty damn sweet if I say so myself.

Here is one dedicated to preserving the DNA of one of the internet’s cutest cats: Lil Bub

Daaaaaw Science
Daaaaaw Science


I look forward to our future where everyone can freely explore science and create whatever their hearts desire.

Except Zombies.


Don’t Make Zombies.


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