Augmented Reality and Evolution of the Soldier


The virtual world is one that is quickly merging with the real world.

As technology expands and people continue their curiosities of being giant Blue Smurfs. Films such as Avatar, Elysium, and Videogames like Deus Ex speculate what humanity is capable of with the ability to augment the self and merge with the virtual space in a new physical being.

Quite frankly, it’s the stuff of Science Fiction, Anime, and Cyberpunk Novels…. But Not Really.

Enter the age of wondrous technological advancement by the Armed Forces (‘s Private Contractors). This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the military makes an official declarations via classifieds regularly. Amazingly, a ton of these advancements have been made within the last two years.

The ONR (Office of Naval Research) and SIGINT is working on a head mounted display called the R-6 that provides a new way to plan military strategies.  The user and “connected” soldiers see a virtual mapping of the terrain or objective and can interact with it in real-time to provide on-the-spot tactical communication.

Who Knew That All Those Hours Playing RISK Would Come In Handy?
Who Knew That All Those Hours Playing RISK Would Come In Handy?



DARPA’s ULTRA VIS was a project announced back in 2009, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin and Microvision, that promised to deliver kickass head displays that would provide  “critical information advantage.” It wasn’t until recently, that we have seen models that actually work in field combat and reconnaissance. These applications are not necessarily a new development in practice, as the AIR FORCE has been working with “Heads Up Display” technology for awhile.



Not to be outclassed, BAE Systems is also developing their own head mounted gear in conjunction with the (TALOS) exoskeleton. This combination could quite easily turn any soldier into a Proto-Master Chief. Information streams to the user display in real-time via the NETT WARRIOR system to make split second decisions in hairy firefights.

Also Known As:  G.I. MEGATRON
Also Known As:


ARC 4 is the technology that, in conjunction with all of the available hardware, allows the tech to register into a singular system that reads into the DARPA ULTRA VIS, EXELIS, LUMUS, VISIX, and BAE Systems Displays.

Google Glass for Kids In High School Who Wear Military Jackets.
Google Glass for Kids In High School Who Wear Military Jackets.


This tech may seem amazing and you know what? It’s being developed for consumer usage as well!

Although, it would not include the advanced control features of flying drones; they would be in the middle of Google glass and The Occulus VR tech with live feeds and live environmental assessment. Finally, an uncomfortable way to respond to update Twitter while playing Call of Duty: SPACE WIZARDS.

I make fun, but honestly; it’s amazing to see the advancement of technology in settings that is ultimately used to save lives. I say this in light of recent EXTREME use of military weapons in civilian settings.

Any-hoooo , here is a tech demo for the ARC 4 System:

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