Robot Ninjas!


Soooo….. Do Not Panic.

Just a perfectly normal report here.


Three days ago, scientists at Nimiki Labs in Japan have developed a Sword wielding robot arm that uses it’s robotic vision to calculate the possible trajectories of the sword in hand and appropriately counter. Although, not a direct threat to it’s creators, robots have been shown to be able to injure people with blades.

Nimiki Labs is not the only robotic ninja warrior creation lab. It’s also been done in Georgia Tech, and Standford. This doesn’t bode well with those of us who believe in the robot uprising. Robots with very sensitive sensors and quick hands have promise to accomplish various tasks such as cooking, surgery, and making origami.

Robots have potential to remove dangers involved with suicidal jobs such as bomb and weapons disposal. Speaking of, Japan released a robot to help gather data on the Fukushima plant; unfortunately it stalled and a rescue bot is probably needed.

Now to touch your awesome buttons, here are two robots re-enacting Highlander:

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