Anime and Transhumanism: What You Should Be Watching


Anime is a medium that allows people to live outside of the normal boundaries of daily life. Unsurprisingly, anime often speculates on the new evolution of mankind and  technology.

It’s not all magical girls and space mechas; sometimes it’s damn insane and romantic.

Here is a list of Awesome Anime with Transhumanist Themes. Click on the Links To See Trailers:

Humanity’s robot technology has evolved to a point where public opinion becomes negative and Robots become banned. At the same time a “virus” is spreading throughout Japan; creating synthetic-life from infected people.

Denno Coil
Immersive Augmented-Reality has become mainstream, people ravenously consume the new technology and integrate it into their lives. However, as with all technologies, hackers and terrorist try to find ways to use the tech for nefarious forces. Lastly, looming in the darkness of AR space is a rumor of losing your soul in the machine.


Ghost in the Shell
Most people have seen this one…. A Cyborg police woman must battle with a Rogue AI that poses the question “what does it mean to be human?”


Space Dandy
A strange mix of stories that seem to make absolutely no sense until you realize that it’s a story about a multiverse traveling man of mystery.


In the futuristic city of Metropolis humans and robots coexist, but segregated to the city’s lower levels. A lot of Metropolis’ human population is unemployed and deprived, and many people blame the robots for taking their jobs.

Ergo Proxy
Humans and robots coexist in society until the Cogito virus infect the robots and causes them to rebel against their lower class status. Meanwhile, the government is experimenting on a new type of Godlike life form called a “Proxy”.



Outlaw Star
Gene Starwind is a jack of all trades with an ancient weapon that harnesses the very power of his soul. One of his jobs goes bad and he becomes the guardian of Melfina, an advanced being who is the key to the “Galactic Leyline” which is told be be the ultimate key to wealth, knowledge, and power.


Psycho Pass
The world is a utopia. Crime is prevented (similar to Minority Report) by reading in the psyche and prosecuting people before they have the opportunity to act on their criminal instincts.


Zone of The Enders: 2167 IDOLO
The people of Mars are ridiculed by Earth for being physically inferior due to MARS’ lowered gravity and limited resources. Radium Levans is a pilot who is chosen to test a new type of weapon created from a mysterious element called Metatron. Tensions arise when the weapon develops self-awareness.




Neon Genesis Evangelion
Another big one but in case you don’t know… Shinji is a teenage boy who is drafted by a shadowy organization called NERV to pilot a dangerous Bio-Weapon called an EVA in order to protect what is left of mankind. Also, the new films are pretty good; try to catch them in theaters when they get released.

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