5 Things Go From Science Fiction To Reality


The video below describes the top 5 items that are going from science fiction to science fact.

5. The Star Trek Tricorder
Science Friction: The Star Trek tricorder is an instrument that produces a sensor array to detect and analyze unknown substances.
Science Fact: The Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize promises a $10M award for any team that can produce a working tricorder.  The competition has  been narrowed down to 10 finalists.

4. Exoskeletons (Iron Man, Aliens, etc.)
Science Friction: Exoskeletons are used in the movies Iron Man as well as the skid loader in Aliens that allow humans superhuman strength.
Science Fact: In reality, there are several companies working on exoskeletons such as Ekso Bionics.  They are currently making exoskeletons for paralysis patients.

3. The James Bond Sea Drill
Science Friction: The James Bond series–famous for its depictions of new gadgets introduces a “sea drill” in Tomorrow Never Dies.  The sea drill is basically a torpedo with a drill bit on the front of it used to sink ships.
Science Fact: The Nautilus Mining Company has developed a working sea drill used to mine for undersea minerals such as gold and copper.

2. The Minority Report User Interface
Science Friction: The Minority Report is famous for its virtual reality user interface allowing the user to swipe and enlarge documents by merely waving your hand.
Science Fact: The Minority Report user interface is similar to most touch screens and tablets used today.  The Leap Motion Controller is even more close to the Minority Report user interface.

1. The Terminator Series Skynet
Science Friction: In The Terminator series Skynet is the sentient computer network that winds up turning on the humans after achieving artificial intelligence.
Science Fact: We are decades away still of inventing machines that are self aware.  However, we have invented machines capable of teaching other machines.  At Cornell University they have invented what is called “The Robo Brain” which does exactly that.


See the full video below:

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