Hacking The Eyes

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The domain of the damned, the nocturnal, the bar musicians…..

Now, we can see night as clear as day!


A group of biohackers in Tehachapi, California have conducted an experiment with the chemical Chlorin e6 (or Ce6), a Chlorophyll derivative, and have succeeded in enhanced Night Vision for hours. The group called Science for The Masses is an online community of researchers dedicated to bringing scientific discovery to the public. Gabriel Licina is the researcher who volunteered for the experiment despite worries of compromising the cellular structure of his eyes.

Pictured: SCIENCE!
Pictured: SCIENCE!

Licina describes his experiement as such:

“To me, it was a quick, greenish-black blur across my vision, and then it dissolved into my eyes…. The other test, we had people go stand in the woods. By all accounts, the experiment worked.”

Licina and his group conducted these tests to see the viability of Ce6 benefits in the real world. Ce6 is a compound patented in 2012 to treat blindness and originally used to help combat cancer cells.


These magic eye drops are but one way science is Hacking the Eyes. (See What I Did There?)

Stem Cell therapy is being tested as a cure to blindness and severe eye disease.

And by tested, I mean it Totally F#cking WORKS.

The treatment for progressive blindness has been proved safe three years after a group of 18 individuals were treated. 10 of the 18 with macular degeneration experienced a significant improvement in their eyesight and showed no ill effects. The ultimate goal of scientists is repairing damaged photoreceptors in the retina at the back of the eye.

Pictured: Results From Stem Cell Treatment
Pictured: Results From Stem Cell Treatment


BUT HOLD ON!!!! I Have More Things…

There are two different Bionic Eyes being tested by the FDA that require surgical implants to the eye to imbed micro-receivers of electrodes that feed directly into the brain to create vivid black and white images. The Argus II and Alpha IMS are both amazing technologies that will soon be available to the public. Hopefully, technology expands to allow a completely wireless interface as they both need to be powered externally via battery packs.

Don’t we live in a great time of Science and Science Stuffs?

Anyway, here is a tearful video of a man with the Argus II:


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