UFOs: 10 Best Evidence Cases


In 2005 and 2006, documentary film maker Paul Kimball pulled together a select group of UFO researchers to submit their 10 best evidence cases of UFOs.  See the full video at the end of this article.

10. Nuremberg, Germany – April 14, 1561
It was reported in the Nuremberg Gazette that in the morning of April 14, 1561 the sky was filled with flying objects doing battle with each other.  The event was also depicted in a famous wood carving.  Smaller objects were reported to leave from the larger object, or mothership.  MORE INFORMATION

9. Skylab 3 Case – September 20, 1973
One of the only unexplained astronaut UFO sightings was the Skylab 3 incident on September 20, 1973.  MORE INFORMATION

8. Yukon UFO Case – Yukon Territory, Canada – December 11, 1996
A UFO was reported by several witnesses along the same path in the Yukon Territory, Canada.  Dozens of witnesses reported seeing a large UFO at night that was over a mile in length.  MORE INFORMATION

7. Malmstrom Air Force Base Case – Malmstrom,  Montana – March 16, 1967
Multiple Air Force Base personnel reported seeing a UFO over the nuclear missile base just before the missiles shutdown on their own in their missile silos.  MORE INFORMATION

6. Submersible UFO Case – Shag Harbour, Canada – October 4, 1967
Several witnesses reported seeing a group of 4 lights hovering over the ocean for several minutes.  They then observed the craft dive sharply into the ocean.  MORE INFORMATION

5. Kelly Johnson Witness Case – Agoura, California – December 16, 1953
Kelly Johnson, the premiere aircraft engineer of his day and leader of the famous Skunkworks Aircraft Design witnessed a UFO flying over the Pacific near his house in Agoura, CA.  MORE INFORMATION

4. McMinnville, Oregon Case – McMinnville, Oregon – May 11, 1950
Photos taken by farmer, Paul Tent showed a UFO disc flying above his property on May 11, 1950.  MORE INFORMATION

3. Rendlesham Forest, United Kingdom Case – December 26-28, 1980
The UFO sightings took place between 2 military bases: RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge.  Military personnel were dispatched to investigate a UFO sighting just outside 1 of the bases, and they witnessed a grounded UFO.  MORE INFORMATION

2. Iran Fighter Jet Case – September 19, 1976
Witnesses reported a UFO flying in the night sky.  A military fighter jet was scrambled to intercept the UFO.  When the fighter jet came within sight of the UFO, all flight instrumentation were shutdown.  MORE INFORMATION

1. The RB-47 UFO Case – July 17, 1957
A US Air Force crew aboard a state of the art RB-47 aircraft was pursued by a UFO for over 700 miles from Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas and into Oklahoma.  MORE INFORMATION

See the full documentary below:

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