Pests To Cybernetic Heroes

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Heirs To The World And The Universe Upon Our Extinction.

And We Made Them Into Cyborgs.

Pictured: Skynet
Pictured: Skynet


Well, It’s been about a few years since this technology was developed by young Scientists who are probably terrible roommates.

Back in 2013, this was a Kickstarter. All you needed to control these majestic robo-warriors was a smartphone and a slight Frankenstein complex.


Insect Antennae are complex nerve centers which are used to sense objects and relay that information. The procedure involves loping those antennae off and replacing them with metal wires connected to electrodes controlled by sadistic( I mean curious) scientists with smartphones. The electrodes shock directions to the Cockroach and it complies (unwillingly).

While an interesting novelty, the cyborg pests are garnering attention from DARPA as reconnaissance vehicles. The Robo-Roaches can sneak into small spaces, gross out the enemy, and provide valuable environmental data such as radiation or other dangerous chemicals. Camera mounts and various other mechanics are being developed and miniaturized.

We may soon see these guys working as EMTs or at TMZ.


Here is a Video from the wonderful peeps at PBS:

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