Artificial Skin Allows Sensory of Magnetism

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People use electricity on a daily basis on their phones to murder innocent fruit or abuse pigs, but it’s not really a conscious feeling. But now it can be through the development of a new sensory skin. released a new study by Michael Melzer of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research in Dresden, Germany which claims to have developed electric skin, which grants humans Magnetoception.

Magnetoception is a sense, which allows bacteria, insects, and sharks, to detect magnetic fields for orientation and navigation. The application of this would allow people to effectively have “spider-sense” and be able to detect other people without use of sight or sound.

“We have demonstrated an on-skin touch-less human-machine interaction platform, motion and displacement sensorics applicable for soft robots or functional medical implants as well as magnetic functionalities for electronics on the skin” – Micheal Melzer

The invention is about one-fifth as wide as a human hair, incredibly elastic, and the sensors still function properly when crumpled up. These features alone could greatly advance the technology for prosthetic limb replacement, artificial muscle function, neural implants, as well as wireless communication with robotics.

Here is the Original Press Release Through the Institute.

Here is an Entertaining Video by FW:Thinking to elaborate.


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