The Great Martian War: A WWI Steampunk Visualization

The Great Martian War
The Great Martian War

Every once in a while a story idea of fictionalized history strikes up people’s imagination to think “What if?”  That is what a recent video called “The Great Martian War” has done.  The film short was created by Impossible Factual for History Canada. It is directed by Christian Johnson (Plazma Design) and Steve Maher (Impossible Factual), and scored with the song “88” by Working for a Nuclear Free City.

The film provides a look to what World War I might have been like if the world came together to fight an invading alien force.  The alien ships seem to be a steampunk style technology.  The humans look outmatched by the aliens, but soon turn the tide and begin to prevail against them.  Near the end of the film, the humans dissect captive aliens to find potential weaknesses.  Overall, the film short shows a compelling story in a very effective way.

The full video is shown below:



See more about “The Great Martian War” on The History Channel.  You can see a clip from the fictionalized story below.


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