The Secret of Life in Our Moon

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The world as we know it spins upon an invisible axis giving us the rotations necessary for night and day. However, those rotations are also pointing towards our common ancestor: Aliens.

Well…. let’s backtrack a bit. About 4.5 million years.

Earth was a a giant ball of Iron, Silica, and air that would murder you and your friends. Earth in this state was a planet formed with “differentiation” or a molten core. On top of that, Earth was sharing Solar orbit with another planet: Theia. Theia is the name of a Mars-sized planet that is hypothesized to have crashed into our Proto-Earth about 4.5 billion years ago.  Luckily, it was a glancing blow that stripped the Earth and would eventually form the moon.

The result of this crash was the change of axis on the earth as well as the stabilization of temperature and seasons. Earth’s rotation would normalize the temperature and cool the earth to allow ice and water to form. BUT, Earth had no trace of other elements that could form such a crust as we have now. Despite all of this, life on earth would develop 3.8-3.5 billion years ago.

The hypothesis is that the collision fused the planets together. Possibly providing the elements needed for life itself. However, that still leaves the moon. It does not share Earth’s traits for awesomeness due to our old iron core burning it’s surface into a solid rock.

Recently, pieces of Theia have been discovered on the moon. Scientists are still speculating on the idea of Alien life on Theia.

Although, it’s not Alien life creating human life, the theory speculates that Alien bodies could in fact have the necessary bio-makeup as earth.

Here is a video courtesy of Above Science:

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