The DEKA Arm System


Dean Kamen, the original inventor of the Segway, founded a company in 1982 called DEKA Research and Development Corporation based in New Hampshire. In a TED talk in 2007, he previews the prosthetic arm he’s developing with the U.S. Department of Defense and DARPA. Now, DEKA and DARPA are beginning to show advancements in fine-tuned accuracy and motor control of the prosthetics.

The DEKA Arm System, nicknamed “Luke” after Luke Skywalker (Star Wars (if you need clarification)) has already received FDA approval.  According to the FDA, “this is the first prosthetic arm that can perform multiple, simultaneous powered movements controlled by electrical signals from electromyogram (EMG) electrodes”.

Along with developments in advanced prosthtetics, DEKA is also developing solar power technology, watur purification, and an all-terrain electric wheelchair.

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