SAFFiR: U.S. Navy Robot Firefighter


The U.S. Navy Research Laboratory (NRL), along with researchers from Virginia Tech and University of Pennsylvania, have debuted a humanoid robot prototype with numerous sensors that will help fight fires.  The bipedal robot was unveiled, February 4th, 2015, at the Naval Future Force Science & Technology EXPO.

The robot is called SAFFiR (Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot) and sports enhanced multi-modal sensors for advanced navigation, cameras, gas sensors, a stereo Infrared camera (to enable navigation through dense smoke), and is battery powered.  Along with sensors, it is also equipped with PEAT (Propelled Extinguishing Agent Technology) grenades to help combat fires.

With drone and robotic technology on the rise, researchers are finding out new and helpful ways machines can augment and/or take over jobs deemed dangerous and hazardous.  Of course, what’s not being talked about are the militaristic implications of such a technology.  As we move forward, we must be aware of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the ripple effect such technology will have to our future generation.

Check out the video.


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