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Welcome to our little corner of the universe where we love, support, and nurture all things science and science fiction.  Science and technology cannot exist without art and design.

[highlight]We are dreamers, futurists, scifi geeks, optimists, idealists, cyborgs, aliens, superheroes, magicians, illusionists, transhumanists, content creators, and passionate about pushing forward into the universe.[/highlight]

Let’s explore this world, and others, with childlike wonder and amazement.  Let’s ask questions.  Let’s never settle.  Let’s push human potential forward.  We’d love to be a part of it all with you.

We think you’ll love what we are designing.

Let’s create worlds together.


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Andrew Bliss is an award winning film maker and photographer with experience in writing, directing, producing, editing, and visual effects. He has lived all over the world including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Italy. He is a first generation Indonesian and a second generation Fin. He has over six years experience as a US Navy broadcast journalist. While in the Navy, he graduated top of his class, won several awards for his work in Europe and Africa, managed Marines at Combat Camera at the Pentagon, and produced a feature film. The film was produced in Italy while on active duty. Prior to serving in the Navy, Andrew was a professional martial artist with numerous awards including Athlete of the Year (1999), International Champion (two years in a row), and was the first competitor to place first in seven events in international competition (two years in a row). He trained with the prestigious Beijing Wushu team and has over ten years experience as a coach and mentor. After serving in the Navy, he taught for Apple, made several award winning short films, and earned a degree in Interactive Design. He is also an alumnus of the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

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